Friday, November 21, 2014

News from the loom room

Hello, friends. Well, seeing as it is November in New Hampshire I cannot justify ignoring my blog with excuses such as "I was working in the garden" or "it was a nice day so we went to the beach." I was slowed down a bit, though, as I was on a rigorous 3 week series of prescribed antibiotics to knock out Lyme disease (perhaps THE worse thing about living in New England). Either the Lyme or the antibiotics or a combination of the two really slowed me down for a while. Things are looking up now, however. While I can't really "catch up" on the weaving projects that I aspired to finish this fall in time for the holidays, I can at least resume and be satisfied that I'm able to weave more efficiently.

So, I've been working on scarves:

and I'm also working on dishtowels. I have had a couple of exciting opportunities come my way recently. A small selection of scarves and housewares are currently on display at DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum in Lincoln, MA. And today I had an appointment with one of the League of NH Craftsmen retail galleries and will also have some items on display there. (More details on this soon - there are papers to sign and all sort of things like that).

So there you are. I do hope that my U.S. friends have a splendid Thanksgiving!
Be well,
Kate K.