Friday, January 16, 2015

Adapting "Fiberworks" for my needs

Hello, friends. I finished weaving my short run of alpaca and silk scarves today and am very excited to get going on my next project: overshot table runners. I'm using Marguerite Davison's book as a guide to weave a "Whig Rose" design. If you're familiar with Davison's book, you'll know that the drafts, even though they are just four shaft patterns, are somewhat hard to read. I've used my weaving software program to help make better visual sense of the draft:

Now, this photo looks like I'd be weaving a hot mess. But I will use the breaks in colors to help me keep track of the threading sequence and also the treadling sequence.

I will let you know how this approach works while I'm warping and weaving. Fingers crossed for a small number of threading errors!

Do you use weaving software? If so, have you found any other ways to exploit the program to help you simplify any of the challenges that face us? Do tell!

Be well,


Sojourner Design said...

I've never been interested in weaving software because I've so far been a color and texture (as opposed to structure) person and worked with the fibers I had.

A few months ago I started moving into structure. I am now interested in weaving software although I haven't done anything about investigating.

Kate Kilgus said...

Thank you, Diane, for sharing your thoughts. I experimented with FiberWorks for a short while before purchasing (I believe there is a trial version of the program available to use). I am still learning about ways to use the program but really like it for keeping track of designs and things like heddle counts. I had a lot of loose papers floating around my studio; the software program helps me to keep track of things. Happy weaving to you! Be well, Kate :)

Ann said...

Well, aren't you the clever one! What a good idea. Until now, I have only glanced at weaving software, but me thinks maybe it would be a very helpful asset. You really keep me thinking Kate. Thanks