Friday, January 30, 2015

Table runner dimensions

Hello, friends. The Whig Rose overshot fabric is still on the loom (I'm just about at the end of the warp). My husband noted that the fabric seemed "pretty wide" for a table runner. It measures about 22 inches across. Most of my runners are not this wide and now I'm worried about it!

I like the design but if I do weave it again, I might limit the roses (circle motifs) to three instead of four.

It is a really uncomfortable feeling when you end up with a length of handwoven fabric that is not what you envisioned or worse, unusable. I confess to having a fair number of handwoven fabric efforts that only ever made it into the "at-least-I-learned-something-about-this" category. What to do with them? It is hard to toss them into the trash - but honestly, are trial-and-error efforts worth keeping around?

Next up are tea towels. I've got a few warps wound and ready to find their way onto the loom.

Be well,


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, your runner is just lovely. Although you may think it is too wide to use a runner you might be surprised - a customer could very well be looking for just that width. My vote is to finish the runner and put it in your shop for sale. As a side note, I never ever throw any handwoven fabrics away - they go into a drawer to mellow. You just never know when the fabric you thought was not your cup of tea turns out to be just what you were looking for. Happy Weaving!

Kate Kilgus said...

Thank you, Martha. I like your "mellowing" concept of letting a fabric rest a bit in lieu of doing anything drastic. An excellent idea. I'll finish up Miss Whig Rose and see how she looks once off the loom. Happy weaving to you, too!