Friday, March 20, 2015

A colorful tartan

Hello, friends. Springtime in New England is often more about still-wintertime-temperatures, grey skies, and mud. But we artisans can do something about that, right?

Here is a new tartan in some bright colors. This will be a table runner. It's woven from 5/2 mercerized cotton. I sett the warp yarns at 20 epi (yes, this is a close sett for a twill, but I like a sturdy table runner) and have hemstitched the ends.

This is a rather bold fabric for me. At first I thought that the fabric would look like one of those "bad plaids" that turn up every so often:

I'm glad I did not toss the warp. (I've only done this once before - true confessions! It was a rayon chenille warp and was a tangled, unruly, unbeamable mess, mostly due to a failed friction brake). Never judge a fabric based on the warp alone!

Weaving friends, have you ever pitched a warp? (Don't worry. I won't send the weaving police your way).

That's all for now.
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Karen Reff said...

It looks like it's going to turn out great!
And I'm about that close to tossing a warp at this very moment...or, at least, cutting off what's already been woven and choosing a different threading. Usually, as the pattern grows I say, "oh, my". This time I've been saying, "ew". Enough already!

Kate Kilgus said...

Thank you, Karen! I think a lot of weavers have those "ew" moments - our plans don't often weave up the way we want them to. Alas! I hope your threading adjustment helps! Happy weaving! Kate K.

susancoyotesfan said...

That is a great tartan! Love it!

I've tossed a warp twice. Once it became such a tangled mess I started crying, swearing, and attacked it with the scissors. Thankfully I didn't dismantle the loom in my passion because it got better from there.

I recently cut a warp off. I just didn't like the color nor did I enjoy the weaving. It was salvaged rayon in a slate blue color which I just find depressing to look at. I was planning to weave scarves for sale, but it was just too ugly.

I am hoping my latest warp, hand dyed wool, weaves up beautifully because I plan to make a vest from it. I love the colors this time!

Kate Kilgus said...

Susancoyotesfan, I can completely relate to the "crying, swearing, and attacking" of the warp! Warping a loom can definitely be an R-rated event! I wonder if there is a lucky weaver who has never had this happen??? Happy weaving and thanks for sharing your story! Kate K.