Monday, May 18, 2015

"Art in Action" Recap

Hello, friends. I participated in my first show since surgery in the early Spring, "Art in Action," which was hosted by the fabulous Londonderry Arts Council. It was lovely to "get out there" again! I met some very talented and enthusiastic artists from the area, the weather cooperated, and the event was well-attended.

I had the pleasure of having Michelle Landry of Creative Cottage who creates lovely pieces using polymer clay, as a booth neighbor. Do you maintain a fairy garden? You'll have to check out her whimsical creations. Michelle also teaches polymer clay techniques to children and groups.

Photo by Michelle Landry, Creative Cottage.
Creative Cottage booth at "Art in Action"
"Artful Life by Deanna" was another fellow fiber arts exhibitor. Deanna uses wool roving to craft lovely needle felted landscapes, among other three-dimensional pieces. Here is a photo of one of her tree-inspired works:

Artful Life by Deanna at "Art in Action"

Deanna demonstrates the fine art of needle felting

As always, it was a treat to see so many of my Londonderry neighbors at Mack's Apples over the weekend. I did a lot of demonstrating/teaching on "Bug," my Harrisville Designs loom, and I daresay that the work that we did piqued the interest of several soon-to-be weavers!

Now to finish unloading and to start on that next warp!
Be well,
Kate K.

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Michelle Landry said...

It was a pleasure meeting you Kate and learning there is so much more to weaving than just a beautifully crafted textile. The history you shared with me as well as how weaving can incorporate special meaning was not only fascinating but made your pieces even more special. I enjoyed your advice & companionship at the show. Best wishes and I will continue to follow you and enjoy all the very beautiful work you create.