Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Back at the loom!

Hello, friends. It has been a while since my last post but I am pleased to say that I have fully recovered from surgery in late March and have resumed usual activities. I really, REALLY missed weaving during the first few weeks; it made me realize how much weaving is part of my "everyday" life. It is good to be back.

Some kitchen towels were just finished recently and are in various stages of finishing. This design is one of my favorites to weave -- a combination of Brooks Bouquet, loom-controlled lace, and plain weave.

On Saturday, my lovely husband took me to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Grower's Association Festival  in Deerfield, NH. Here are some of the stars of the show:

I really fell in love with the Angora rabbits. I purchased a nice amount of bunny fiber for spinning from "HoneyBuns" (Lyndeborough, NH) at the fair. This will be a new spinning fiber for me but with any luck it will yield a decent yarn.

I generally refrain from posting family pictures here, but I've decided to break this self-imposed rule and am sharing a picture of my delightful son, Andrew, as he looked on Saturday night before prom. He looked rather dashing, don't you think?

Happy weaving, friends!
Be well,
Kate K.


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Very happy to hear you have recovered from surgery and are feeling much better. Your new towels are just lovely! Yes, I believe you are correct your son does indeed look dashing and handsome.

Cindie said...

So glad you are back at the loom.